How To Prepare For The Unexpected With Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic financial planning helps people address a wide range of needs. The holistic approach extends to more than just trying to build your finances. You'll also confront questions about how to prepare for the unexpected. Take a look at how holistic planning professionals work with clients to have the necessary resources in place when the unexpected happens. Savings The old-school rainy day fund is one of the most basic tools for preparedness for unexpected events.

No 401(K)? 3 Ways To Use A Side Gig For Retirement Planning

Are you one of the millions of Americans who doesn't have access to a traditional pension plan or even a 401(k) plan through their employer? If so, you may worry about how to properly save and plan for retirement. One thing that can make a huge difference in your ability to prepare for retirement is a side hustle. Even the most modest side gig can fix your retirement savings challenges in three ways.

What To Know About Putting Together A Living Trust

A recent survey explained that just 32% of respondents have already prepared a will, trust, or another relevant document to explain how to distribute their estate. If you fail to create these documents while alive and of sound mind and health, you open up a can of worms for your descendants to hash out. A living trust is an incredible aide to help you out with this, and today, it's easier than ever to create one online.

5 Ways A Financial Advisor Can Help Executors

Are you the executor of an estate? You undoubtedly have a lot of responsibilities right now — often in legal and financial areas with which you may have little experience. One person that may be able to help take the extra pressure from you is a financial advisor. Why should you hire one for the estate you are managing? Here are five of the most valuable reasons.  1. They Can Locate Assets.

Net Worth — How This Calculation Helps Boost Your Financial Plan

Do you know your net worth? This financial calculation can be an excellent point to start a financial plan and also a way to gauge progress on a number of fronts. To help you find your net worth and use this information, here's what you need to know.  What Is Your Net Worth? Net worth is, at its heart, the amount of assets you own minus the liabilities (debts) you hold.