5 Ways A Financial Advisor Can Help Executors

Are you the executor of an estate? You undoubtedly have a lot of responsibilities right now — often in legal and financial areas with which you may have little experience. One person that may be able to help take the extra pressure from you is a financial advisor. Why should you hire one for the estate you are managing? Here are five of the most valuable reasons.  1. They Can Locate Assets.

Net Worth — How This Calculation Helps Boost Your Financial Plan

Do you know your net worth? This financial calculation can be an excellent point to start a financial plan and also a way to gauge progress on a number of fronts. To help you find your net worth and use this information, here's what you need to know.  What Is Your Net Worth? Net worth is, at its heart, the amount of assets you own minus the liabilities (debts) you hold.

Just Got Divorced? How To Save Money On Your Tax Return

When you and your significant other decide to dissolve your marriage, there is a long list of things that must be dealt with. Many of these things will impact your end-of-the-year taxes, which is something that you likely have not thought of. And, unfortunately, this is yet another headache to deal with. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help make the situation a bit more comfortable when it comes to tax time.

Understanding Tail Risk And Its Wealth Management Implications

In the world of wealth management planning services, the issue of risk looms large. A specific form of risk, commonly referred to as tail risk, is one of the trickier issues even for the smartest professionals to wrap their heads around. It's a simple concept that isn't always self-evident in wealth management planning until something massive and unexpected hits. Let's explore what tail risk is and how planners try to prepare for it and even take advantage of it.

Do Financial Advisors Recommend Debt Consolidation Loans?

If you are thinking about speaking with a financial advisor, you might have some questions about debt consolidation loans. These loans can help you compile your debts into a single debt that you can pay with a single monthly payment. These are the things your financial advisor wants you to know about debt consolidation loans. Why Are Debt Consolidation Loans Advantageous? Debt consolidation loans are a good option for many people who want to reduce interest on their debt and pay off potential debt as quickly as possible.